EVR Account Executive Paige Moulton and Account Planner Briana Proctor recently attended the Agency Management Institute (AMI) Account Management Bootcamp in Chicago, Ill. It is part of EVR’s commitment to professional development across the agency.

AMI is a select group of about 100 agencies across the country devoted to sharing ideas and best practices. The Account Management Bootcamp is a two-day workshop that brings together account executives from member agencies to participate in skill-building activities and competitions.

The emphasis of the bootcamp, which is run by AMI owner Drew McLellan, is the importance of communication between agencies and clients.

“We all benefit when we can learn different ideas and concepts that are working for other agencies and apply those concepts to our own agency,” Moulton says. “We were also able to get valuable feedback about our own practices and share the latest trends in the industry.”

Moulton and Proctor also had the distinction of staying at the Congress Plaza Hotel, which was recently named the most haunted place in Illinois by Travel and Leisure magazine. The Congress Plaza was the home of Al Capone’s mob.

Proctor and Moulton didn’t see Capone’s ghost, which is said to roam the halls, but did witness a laptop mysteriously fly off the bed and chairs moving in the middle of the night. An additionally spooky touch was having a door in their suite that was inexplicably sealed shut.