EVR interns Mae Hunt and Ali Glennon of St. Anselm and Adam Pagliuca, Jericho Howell and Alexis Soucy of Southern New Hampshire University completed their professional development training by earning certifications in specialties that include AdWords Fundamentals, Google Analytics, Hubspot Inbound Marketing and Hubspot Content Creation.

The training is part of the EVR internship program to enhance the interns’ understanding of the advertising industry and prepare them for future advertising positions.

“It’s important for our interns to take tangible skills with them when they leave our company. They will be able to put these certifications on their resume as they enter the workforce,” says EVR President Jeff Eisenberg.

The AdWords Fundamentals exam reinforces basic and intermediate concepts, including the benefits of Google’s online advertising system, along with best practices for managing and optimizing AdWords Campaigns.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. The Google Analytics IQ exam tests knowledge of digital analytics best practices and the Google Analytics platform.

The EVR internship program is a hands-on experience that provides students with a wide range of opportunities to develop skills and gain in-depth knowledge about advertising. Internships available are: Social Media, Digital Analytics, Content & PR Services, Web Design and Account Services.