Reaching consumers through social media is already challenging to brands, and now Facebook is making it a little more difficult. The social media giant started 2018 by announcing it has changed its newsfeed algorithm to prioritize personal posts and limit brand content.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg says the change was made in response to community feedback that personal moments are being crowded out by organic posts from businesses, brands and media. Zuckerburg says he is sticking to this change despite taking a personal hit financially, reportedly losing billions when Facebook stock recently dropped in response to the announced change.

Losing some access to consumers is going to hurt the bottom lines of businesses not agile enough to adjust their marketing. For those able to adapt and keep their content relevant to uses, this change can actually present a new opportunity. Here are a few tactics brands should be considering to both their organic and paid content:

  • Publish content that produces user engagement, especially comments, since conversational posts will be prioritized.
    • Asking your audience about their preferences and interests is an effective way to generate engagement since it will provide you additional value through the insights provided by their answers.
  • Publish valuable and authentic content that users will share, spreading your content through individual accounts.
    • Focusing on emotional, relatable and inspiring content is the best way to encourage your audience to share your posts. Community-focused content also tends to spread well throughout its community of focus.
  • Since this change will not affect Facebook’s new video hub, Watch, brands can still attach advertisements to the platform’s growing amount of video content.

Facebook anticipates the shift will result in a slower scroll rate, making the viewing time of users more valuable and, Facebook hopes, driving up the price-per-ads for ads that generate interactions.

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