No matter what product you are selling or service you are offering, there is someone out there searching the Internet for information about it. According to Internet Live Stats, there are 65,456 searches on Google every second.

Are they finding you? Or, are you buried in Google’s search results? Did you know 75 percent of people don’t even make it to the second page of a Google search?

Developing and implementing an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is an absolute necessity if you want to be found by consumers. Here are five questions to ask when choosing an SEO partner.

1. Digging in: Will they conduct a site audit for you, including a review of the Site Map, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and off-site SEO?

SEO starts from the ground-up. Ensuring your website is as effective and SEO-friendly as possible will help drive all future SEO efforts. On-site SEO is important but some off-site tactics, such as being listed on numerous directories, will help get your site found and improve your online credibility in Google’s eyes.

2. The key is in the words: How many keywords are included in the scope of work?

Chances are there are many terms that could improve your rankings. Avoid the lure of just selecting a couple that you may deem important. And be sure to compare your current rank to key competitors.

3. The tool bag: Do they use any specific services to monitor ongoing performance?

As important as it is to see where you rank and perform from the start, it’s equally as important to see where progress is being made and where there could be more improvement. Different tools yield different insights. Be sure to ask about all of the targeting tools in use.

4. Taking the lead: Getting found is important, but what about implementing conversion goals?

In some cases, an improved conversion rate on your site will yield more tangible results than simply gaining more traffic. Be sure to make your site as “sticky” as possible with tasteful access points.

5. Reporting: What does success look like?

SEO can be a tricky service to promise results. Be sure to review benchmarks and define how success will be measured.

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