Social media is constantly shifting and we have to keep up. Here are a few changes we are seeing and what they could mean to you.

Amid all the recent changes, Rob Goldman, Facebook’s Vice President of Ads does a good job in this Q&A outlining how advertisers can better target users on the platform and how users can control what they see. He even included a helpful infographic.

This goes along with everything else that Facebook has been doing lately to try and get user trust back, but it’ll be important for us to keep in mind that people can now control and even delete their own data, making our targeting less accurate or even allowing people to opt out of being targeted entirely.

Facebook is going full YouTube, saying they are “focused on growing payouts for creators and publishers who develop engaged and loyal audiences.” They tested pre-roll ads on Facebook Watch videos earlier this year and were encouraged with the results.

This is something to keep in mind for future placements as Facebook continues to grow their video content platform. Once Facebook kicks off their Influencer Subscriber program, these will be really good placements depending on how you can target them.

You know what they say: Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Snapchat is following YouTube’s success with 6-second ads they are calling Commercials, currently running as a trial in select Snapchat Shows. It will be really interesting to see if these get more engagement than YouTube’s 6-second ads or if this is another awareness play with a different audience.

Snapchat is all in on Augmented Reality lenses. After introducing Shoppable AR Lenses, Snapchat unveiled customized Face Lenses in Lens Studio. Developers now have the ability to distort facial features, as well as add stylized overlays and other features through seven new templates and a new integration with Giphy and its library of animated GIF stickers.

I’ve played around with these a little bit and they’re cool! Definitely something you could use for a fun, summer event, like a festival or game. It’s free, so anyone who’s curious should go in and give it a whirl.

Pinterest is offering brands a feature that allows them to highlight the content they want customers to see first. Pinterest is great for brands that have any sort of lifestyle component, and this just gives them another tool to play with. Remember: You can target sponsored Pins to what people are searching for, and studies show that when people are searching on Pinterest they’re preparing to buy whatever they’re researching.