If you aren’t reaching your audience through streaming services such as Sony Crackle, PlayStation Vue and Hulu, you are missing out.

In the most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report, customers of streaming services are happier with their services compared to those who subscribe to traditional cable. And it’s not even that close.

Most streaming services scored in the 70s (out of 100), compared to the average subscription TV score of 62 in the ACSI report.

“Streaming services don’t have the hidden fees and six-month rates that subscription TV does, not to mention they’re cheaper and simpler,” says David VanAmburg, Managing Director at the ACSI. “But because consumers don’t have many options when choosing a subscription TV provider, those businesses don’t see a lot of risk in customer dissatisfaction, and we’re unlikely to see dramatic changes any time soon.”

The cost of cable seems to be one of the largest reasons people keep switching to streaming services. In addition, many streaming services are now offering sports programing. Just more bad news for subscription TV.

To compete with other advertising platforms, Pinterest is introducing a new video ad format called “Promoted Video at max width.” The new format allows promoted video ads to span across the app’s two-column feed and stream ad content right where the user is browsing.

Unlike their current ad formats that show in one-column, the new format offers brands more enhanced storytelling. Since Pinterest is such a visual platform, engaging and visually appealing social video should perform really well here.

Enhanced ad formats are great, but I would still like to see Pinterest spend time on their reporting and targeting features to allow advertisers to put this creative to better use.

Ford is now partnering with Waze to allow iPhone users to run the GPS app through Ford’s Sync AppLink onto a car’s touchscreen, giving drivers easier access to directions, fuel prices and the head’s up on traffic accidents.

It will be interesting to see if Waze is able to find a way to create new ad sizes and marketing opportunities through this partnership. This is another sign of messaging following people wherever they go.

Influencer marketing is a great tool but it can sometimes be difficult to find the right platform and the right price when connecting brands with influencers. Facebook is trying to make that easier by launching a tool that helps advertisers connect with influencers for branded content campaigns.

This new platform will allow marketers to connect with potential influencers through a highly-targeted list of criteria that includes audience match, reach, engagement, follower count and the number of video views they have.

It will be interesting to see how the pricing model is structured and which influencers Facebook gets to sign on. If Facebook is able to execute this correctly, this could be a game changer, allowing more brands to get their message across in a truly native way.