Keeping up with the changes affecting how brands connect with their audiences on social media can be a full-time job. That’s why we’re here! These are four updates you need to know.

Facebook is letting you create your ads on the go with a new update to the Ads Manager app. With the ability to make and edit creative elements right on your phone – cropping photos, adding filters and doing text or logo overlays – Facebook is opening up the ability to create quick but chic newsfeed ads in a big way. With anyone able to create a good-looking ad on their phone, we might see even more competition to grab attention in the newsfeed.

With transparency on social media a hotter issue than ever, Facebook has taken another step in shining a spotlight on advertisers. The new “About This Partnership” button highlights when advertisers use a publisher or influencer to promote branded content, similar to Twitter’s “Promoted by” messaging. Influencers are still key in getting your message out to the right audience, but it will be interesting to see how followers’ perceptions change when they can see who’s paying for the promo. This function is still in its testing phases, but you can expect to see it more regularly soon.

Hashtags have been a staple on social media and YouTube has finally integrated them into their platform. While “tagging” has long been a way to make your video more searchable, until now the tags have been hidden from viewers, making it harder to do a “one-click” search for related videos. Now, the first three tags in a video’s description will be displayed above the video title, allowing users to click and easily find similar content.

Hashtags serve different purposes on various social platforms – social movements and live events on Twitter, categorizing and searching on Instagram and… not a whole lot on Facebook. It will be key to monitor how users and publishers alike use hashtags on YouTube to make sure your videos are getting the most exposure.

Instagram Stories viewership has been steadily growing since its launch, and the platform is trying to keep the momentum strong. Not only is Instagram testing a Stories bar pinned to the top of the app, but it has revealed a new way to interact with your friends and followers: question stickers. Users can now pose questions to their followers, receive answers and even share those answers publicly. This will no doubt play heavily into future influencer strategies, but even brands can get in on the new interactivity, hosting “Ask Us Anything” sessions and receiving direct user feedback on events, products or content.