In this digitally-dominated world, our job as marketers is to follow, track and, ultimately, engage potential customers. Here are three emerging ways to better engage with your audiences.

Programmatic advertising is getting even more hyper-targeted

Welcome to the world of hyper-targeted programmatic advertising.

Before serving consumers an ad, programmatic vendor EMX Digital is giving brands the opportunity to serve survey-based questions to their pool of over 500 million unique users. This new testing tactic can be used to gain pre-campaign audience intelligence.

Being able to garner insights from an audience before a campaign allows for a more targeted and more (cost-) efficient way to reach people who actually want your product or service. And the format, a 300×250 square that sits nicely on the side of the page, will not annoy or interfere with a user’s experience.

At the intersection of traditional and digital…

A recent report from the Video Advertising Bureau found that 19 out of 25 foreign and domestic automotive brands had a positive correlation between TV spending and web traffic. Meaning, if they increased their TV spend they found an increase in unique web visitors and vice versa.

What is not answered in the survey is the effect on web traffic of the other channels these automotive companies are using to advertise. Advertisers should be cautious before giving all the credit to one channel, as the value of an effective media plan is integration among channels to reach customers at any point of the sales funnel.

Still, you need brand awareness before anyone can search for your brand, and TV is an effective way to achieve this.

Postcards go programmatic

Pebble Post is a New York-based company that blends old-fashion direct mail with targeted digital data with its Programmatic Direct Mail®. MediaPost cited a direct mail campaign Pebble Post ran for Winter Park Resort using the IP addresses of users who visited the ski resort’s website page. Pebble Post converted those IP addresses into physical addresses that were targeted with a postcard from the resort.

Obviously this runs the risk of creeping out customers who go on your website and suddenly receive a direct mail piece from you. However, this is a powerful way to convert leads into sales by using data to get additional information in front of an already interested consumer.