EVR Advertising didn’t have to go far to find its new home. The Manchester-based agency moved across the hallway from its previous office into a more spacious, 10,000-square foot space that reflects the growth of the agency under owner Jeff Eisenberg.

The new space at 155 Dow Street keeps EVR headquartered in the city’s historic Millyard District, in the same building the agency has been located since 1998. The building is also home to the popular Italian restaurant Fratello’s.

“The Millyard combines a rich history with a growing business scene and infusion of people working or attending school here to create this really cool vibe,” Eisenberg says. “It’s an inspiring place to work.”

At its height, the Millyard complex comprised the largest textile mill in the world. EVR’s space is on the third floor of the building originally referred to as Langdon Mill Building No. 1 and was built in the mid-1800s.

The original baronial brick walls, wooden poles and beams are exposed throughout, blending with a fresh and contemporary look that creates a unique space. Pictures of the Millyard’s past are preserved in pictures throughout the office.

One of the more interesting touches the agency retained to connect the space to its history is in the lobby entrance where the words “MANCHESTER PUB” are emblazed in gold lettering above one of the doors.

The office was once owned by the Labatt Brewing Company for its Labatt Beer Academy, a training facility for retailers, wholesalers and internal staff. The signage was part of the academy and was happily retained.

EVR’s current space is more than double the first-floor office the agency originally occupied and more than 50 percent larger than its most recent location. Since Eisenberg acquired the agency in 2009 after a successful run as president of the Manchester Monarchs, EVR has doubled staff to its current team of 20 that includes account executives, media planners, graphic designers, digital strategists, web designers and content specialists. “This move definitely reflects our growth,” Eisenberg says. “But we still remain true to our roots as an agency that produces creative and engaging campaigns for clients.”

EVR Moving Day