Key contributors to the EVR content creation and strategy process joined more than 3,700 marketers from across the world to discuss the latest trends and best practices in content marketing during the annual Content Marketing World Conference and Expo in Cleveland, Ohio.

Paige Moulton (Account Executive), Mariah Ehrgott (Digital Marketing Specialist), Kelly Nylander (Social Media Specialist) and Kathryn O’Neil (Digital Marketing Analyst) were fully immersed in sessions and workshops led by top brand marketers and experts during the four-day conference.

“Content is a key component for most of our clients,” Moulton says. “It’s critical to not only stay ahead, but to be able to implement the best practices in a way that delivers the best ROI.”

The emergence of AI (artificial intelligence), the ways we distribute content and the increasing importance of video were three topics that generated much discussion during the conference.

“Content marketing is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. It not only takes well-planned strategy, but constant monitoring and optimization,” Ehrgott says. “The evolution in AI tools is allowing us to be more efficient and more effective. That’s exciting.”

CMWorld was established in 2011 and has grown to become the marquee event in content marketing.