Marketing in New Hampshire is a specialty of EVR Advertising. We are an in-state resource for New Hampshire businesses who appreciate their marketing agency being nearby, and we provide valuable expertise to out-of-state businesses looking for local familiarity and “boots on the ground”.

Why do we choose to make New Hampshire an area of emphasis?

Because we love it here.

New Hampshire is a great place to live and we are fortunate to experience the lifestyle here every day. Our state offers a unique mix of business opportunities, cultural alternatives and beautiful natural resources. But even more importantly, it is easy to become connected and truly make a difference. It is a state that is big enough to offer great possibilities, but small enough to be personal and intimate.

When you hug New Hampshire, it hugs you back.

As much as we like living and working here, we also thrive on working with others who have this same perspective and respect for our state. Whether our clients live here or not, we are all trying to make it a better place. Our goal is to help people succeed and businesses grow in New Hampshire. When we do that, we are better as a whole.

There is something special about contributing to a community. There is an earnest and deep connection you feel being out and about and seeing the people you work with during the course of everyday life. This closeness is woven into the fabric all of our lives, and makes for an experience you just can’t enjoy when doing business with someone further away.

At EVR, we know New Hampshire and the way all our different regions behave and act. The way that Manchester, Nashua and Concord, while within a circle of 40 miles, are each so different in the way they live, think and consume media. The way that the North Country truly exemplifies the hardy independent New England persona. The way that Portsmouth exudes its eclectic seacoast vibe and north-south Portland-to-Boston view of life. And so much more.

We call it the “10 states of New Hampshire,” and each has their own unique characteristics. From our mountains, to our beaches, to our border with Greater Boston and to all our commercial centers in between, we love and live it all. This is why we are dedicated to making businesses and the people behind them thrive here.

Nothing makes us prouder.