Heidi Therrien
Account Executive

Poet, tea drinker, lover of all things green and growing

Heidi comes to the table with a passion for people and communication, active listening skills and thought-provoking questions to dig deep and discover what is truly needed to create the optimal environment for client growth.

With experience in both marketing and sales, Heidi has a knack for building and executing plans that connect with bottom-line results. Her positive vibe sets an energetic and constructive tone to her work, resulting in a can-do attitude toward every project and challenge that comes her way.

A lover of all things green, Heidi takes her listening skills to a visual level to determine exactly what is needed for a plant to thrive. So clearly, discovering how to get things to grow is her passion. When not at EVR or playing with dirt, you can find Heidi traveling to aquariums or botanical gardens across the country.

Heidi has a degree in directing for theatre and uses her organization and love of enjoying and managing personalities every chance she gets.

(603) 647-8606 x220