Jessica-Kate Gilsdorf
Account Director

Photographer, foodie, sporty spice, patio farmer, service volunteer, NE team fanatic

Jess has been enthusiastically collaborating with some pretty cool customers and fun national brands for 25+ years as a creative account director, brand manager and customer experience strategist. She loves seeing the ‘light bulb’ come on in a client’s eyes after some infectious creative thinking.

The New Hampshire native is a reformed graphic designer who has extensive experience leveraging a variety of mediums and directing multi-disciplinary teams to develop rewarding customer experiences, and profitable and creative campaigns.

As a life-long athlete who values the importance of “team” in every victory and setback, Jess carries that team-oriented approach into her professional life, helping breed a collaborative atmosphere where great ideas are produced and brought to life.

Jess has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Communications from Boston University. She played softball and volleyball for BU and worked a few summers during college driving a dump truck and operating a steamroller. Apparently the construction job was not as dangerous as softball – where she was hit twice by line drives!

(603) 647-8606 x207