Nate McAree
Market Analyst and CRM Specialist

Guitar builder, options trader, coffee purist

Nate has always been interested in how things worked. At a young age, he began disassembling and rebuilding audio equipment to experience music the way he wanted. This moment in time defined Nate’s lifepath.

Understanding symbiotic relationships was easily translated into all parts of life, whether it was guitars, investing or data analytics. Taking the time spent connecting the dots on how things worked lead him down a curious path. He first began with economics, then transitioned into computer science. After soul searching, Nate discovered his love for people and landed on communication.

Combining both of his strongest suits, Nate became EVR’s data analytics and CRM specialist. Utilizing his desire to understand people and structure meshed with his ability to connect the dots, Nate has found his niche at EVR.

In his spare time, Nate is still taking things apart to this day. Old habits really do die hard.