Kerri Ruddell
Account Executive

Lucky mom and wife, pop culture junkie, lover of all things neon

Kerri brings a unique range of experience to her role as an Account Executive. Call it a transcontinental experience that has shaped her unique talents for identifying traditional and innovative ways to leverage brand awareness.

A native of Londonderry, New Hampshire, Kerri went west and spent 12 years in Los Angeles at a talent agency, where two of her focuses were brand development and social media. Before that, she was an assistant director of promotions and marketing for a New Hampshire radio group.

That east-west experience prepared Kerri to identify ways to best position her clients to grow and succeed. She thrives in setting goals for her clients and reaching those goals with effective decision-making and creative thinking.

Kerri was excited to return to New Hampshire and share its beauty…and our winter survival tactics with her California-born and raised husband and two children.
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