Marie Toohey
Account Executive

Inquisitor, marathoner, music enthusiast, dog mom, lover of the outdoors

Marie has always had a knack for asking the right questions to seek the best outcome. Her passion for marketing, branding and research combined with a desire to tackle challenges, discover solutions and tell a compelling story all serve her well as an effective Account Executive who keeps her clients’ best interest in mind.

Marie has a strong background working in marketing, sales and client management, providing her the skills to think creatively, build meaningful relationships and ultimately drive results. She loves agency life for the fast-paced environment and boundless opportunities to grow. In this industry, things change constantly, so she is a lifelong learner and loves to dig into the newest cutting-edge strategies to reach and engage with audiences through innovative and effective tactics.

Marie lives in Salem, New Hampshire and loves all the “Live Free or Die” state has to offer. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family/friends, partaking in friendly competition and any excuse to get some fresh air!