AMI Spotlight

With the advertising industry changing at lightning speed, it is crucial to stay current with emerging trends and technologies.

That’s why we are members of the Agency Management Institute (AMI), a select group of about 100 agencies across the country, all committed to sharing ideas and best practices with each other on a regular basis. AMI membership means meeting a standard of excellence and a making a commitment to ongoing discovery, learning and professional development at all levels.

At the cornerstone of the AMI experience are the close relationships maintained at the ownership level. Agency owners are organized in groups of 12, meeting together for two-day conferences twice a year and maintaining ongoing communication in between.

The collaboration doesn’t end there. During the course of the year, EVR team members attend a variety of AMI conferences and workshops at which a cross-section of agency professionals from around the country lock themselves in a room for a couple of days and let the ideas fly. Topics range from digital marketing to account management and everything in between. Toss in ongoing webinars, podcasts and market research and you have an amazingly fertile learning environment that gives us an advantage over agencies less fortunate.

Imagine what happens when you have immediate access to the best and the brightest in your industry, whether it be at a conference roundtable, on a conference call or through a robust email exchange.

What emerges are innovative ways to build brand, fresh approaches to content and messaging as well as modern methodologies of both digital and traditional media, all resulting in creative ideas for connecting with a marketplace that is more cluttered than ever.

Learning happens

when you connect and interact with industry leaders.

New trails are blazed

when you share experiences with colleagues and peers.

Better happens

when you show your work to smart people in the same business as you and receive perceptive critiquing in response.

At EVR, we take pride in this partnership as we continue to make our agency a more strategic and profitable resource for clients. Are you in need of a marketing partner to take you to the next level?

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