Search Engine Marketing Specialist

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As part of this role, the SEMS will turn SEM data points into actionable insights and recommendations for improved campaign performance.

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The Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEMS) takes a lead role in planning, implementing and optimizing paid and organic search digital campaigns on EVR’s growing digital media team. As part of this role, the SEMS will turn SEM data points into actionable insights and recommendations for improved campaign performance. The right candidate will be inquisitive, motivated and thrive in a culture of ongoing learning and problem solving.

Paid Search Campaigns

  • Manage and optimize Google and Bing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.
  • Identify budgets and original ad groups/campaigns for EVR clients.
  • Perform campaign setup leveraging Google Campaign Manager and Google Tag Manager.
  • Conduct paid search keyword research, text ad development, campaign management and ongoing optimization.
  • Execute and test different ad formats to obtain optimal conversion goals.
  • Monitor paid search key performance indicators, including search impression share and quality score in addition to core platform metrics, such as click-through rate, cost per click and conversion rate.
  • Provide historical analytics review for trend comparisons and determine search volume and relative competition/difficulty score as well as search trends.
  • Suggest landing page optimizations for conversion-friendly PPC campaigns.
  • Implement ideas and collaborate with broader team for A/B test schedules.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaigns

  • Execute search audits for baselines, competitor information and insights for strategic rationale.
  • Perform organic SEO tasks, including keyword research and optimizing websites in strategic areas, such as page title, meta data, headlines, alt tags, etc.
  • Manage project budget and outline phases of deliverables.
  • Develop core and topical content suggestions based on keyword research.
  • Rank domain authority, backlinks and link-building campaigns for off-site SEO projects.
  • Leverage third-party tools to develop efficient ways to manage clients’ online reputation through directory management, review monitoring and solicitation.
  • Analyze user flow leveraging heatmapping tools such as HotJar and LuckyOrange.
  • Leverage tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMRush.

Digital Department Duties and Ongoing Reporting

  • Have knowledge of other digital marketing platforms, such as paid Facebook/Instagram, YouTube and programmatic/Google Display.
  • Contribute to broader planning, strategy and proposal documents.
  • Work with account executives (AEs) to understand client goals and desired outcomes based on benchmarks and past campaign performance. Collaborate with AEs on storylines based on data and performance metrics.
  • Interpret metrics for trends, successes and opportunities.
  • Own overall quality of end reporting result in terms of accuracy and actionable insights.
  • Collaborate on reports for each unique campaign, including email updates, Google Data Studio dashboards and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Deliver timely results based on client needs, external influences, etc.
  • Attend virtual and in-person client meetings to present metrics.
  • Possess excellent time-management and communication skills.