Inbound Marketing

Do potential customers find you trustworthy?

How about helpful?

Or, remarkable?

You better make sure they do.

We live in a digital world of information overload and only the exceptional gets anything more than a cursory glance. We have grown suspicious, dulled to the redundant sales pitch. We have trouble trusting.

How do you break through that veil of suspicion? That’s the secret of inbound marketing. Successful inbound marketing is built on content that speaks to the needs of consumers. It earns trust and credibility.

To build relationships with consumers that last, you need to instill the faith to believe in you. You need to go beyond selling stuff. You need to be a trusted resource, a helpful partner, if you will.

Create that special relationship and you won’t have to get on the soapbox and start shouting to the masses. You will be able to cultivate a loyal following that comes to you.

Not all inbound marketing campaigns are created equal, but there are some basic tenants that all should follow.

  1. Find your audience… or let them find you. Search marketing is a combination of unpaid (SEO) and paid (SEM) tactics to raise your profile on search engines.
  2. Make an introduction. Join their online communities. Supply them with the content they are searching for at the times when they are searching.
  3. Be relevant. What sense does it make for a hospital to take a consumer looking for the best heart care to a home page that doesn’t even talk about their excellent heart program? If you got them interested in your heart care, bring them to a landing page that is not only devoted to heart health, but also offers helpful information and downloads, such as a healthy heart test.
  4. Start a conversation. If they are interested enough to visit your site, find out how you can help them through a form or live chat. Follow up with an email or retargeting to stay top of mind.
  5. Convert a consumer to a customer. Make their experience memorable. And keep the conversation going after that first sale so they become a loyal customer. Better yet, be so good that your loyal customer becomes a brand champion, spreading the word about how helpful and remarkable you are.

That’s when you know you have been heard above all the noise out there.

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