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Develop a new brand platform and marketing communication strategies to launch a new business venture in the southern New Hampshire region. Provide education about estate planning, establish brand credibility, promote the value proposition and generate customer leads.


The discovery phase included focus groups and an online consumer survey. Analysis and interpretation of this research led to a defined business strategy, the identification of key attributes and unique brand positioning. Brand identity elements and a new website were designed in a way that created market differentiation, a strong value proposition and an enhanced user experience.

Naming & Brand Identity

A conservative yet modern name, logo and color palette were designed to feel classic and approachable. The brand campaign features light-hearted and attention-getting photography and headlines executed through a variety of mediums, including print, direct mail and digital advertising.

Advertising & Media Planning

Media channels are selected based on their ability to reach the important female demographic for this service as well as attract attention in prominent public spaces.

Web Design & Video

The website design feels approachable to visitors and includes an educational video series to boost the credibility of the principals, connect with New Hampshire residents and distinguish the business from national online-only legal services.

Inbound Marketing

Online advertising and PPC campaigns advertise services, encourage conversions and generate leads, with metrics described in regularly scheduled reports.


Conversion rate on a single offer


Reduction in cost-per-conversion over 1+ year


Increase in leads every 2.4 months

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