EVR Advertising - Boston Medical Center Health Plan

Mt. Ascutney


Mt. Ascutney was looking to promote its unique values as a small community hospital to establish a strong, well-defined brand and elevate what hospital administrators identified as a lack of brand awareness in the surrounding communities. EVR was tasked with creating a consistent and relevant brand message platform, developing a fully integrated marketing communications plan, introducing a digital presence and building stronger collaborations with the community. The main objective was to build an overall brand essence of high quality, high satisfaction and excellent value.


EVR developed the “Small Means More” concept, positioning the hospital’s size as a positive in terms of the healthcare experience. The new brand platform was simple and elegant, introducing positive associations with the concept of small, such as more time with doctors and nurses who personally know a patient’s healthcare history, as well as more access to surgical and specialized care.

Strategies and Tactics

A comprehensive marketing campaign was developed utilizing the “Small Means More” concept. To accompany this campaign, a new logo was created to connect the viewer with the location of the hospital, as well as the surrounding communities served by the hospital.

Clean and contemporary advertising and communications materials visually represented the concept, including a consistent design that was incorporated into materials.

A new website was designed, leveraging minimalist elements to reflect a simple and intuitive user interface. A bright green secondary color was introduced to help differentiate Mt. Ascutney Hospital from the competitor landscape that relied heavily on a look-alike blue color.

A focused public relations campaign was also put into place that solidified relationships with local media outlets and positioned hospital staff as thought leaders and go-to contacts for interviews/story contributions.


Mt. Ascutney’s new brand has been clearly established in the marketplace and taken hold with regional consumers as a strong brand identity. The value proposition communicated has been embraced by the local community, creating a powerful platform upon which continued marketing communications can promote specific service lines of the hospital.

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