"Next is Now" Brand Campaign

The Challenge

In June 2017, Rochester Regional Health (RRH) and EVR discussed a shift in brand positioning for the system. RRH wanted to build upon the differentiation that existed between them and their major competitor.

RRH sees itself as the healthcare system of the future. This claim is substantiated in a variety of ways, including their progressive commitment to energy conservation and sustainability.

EVR was engaged to help clarify and articulate this brand vision, conceptualize a renewed brand platform, design fresh creative elements to represent this revitalization and build an integrated campaign of traditional and digital elements to be launched in early February 2018.

The Process

  1. We began by gaining an understanding of the brand as envisioned by RRH leadership, then documented our findings in a “brand-at-a-glance” document featuring an overall snapshot summary of key brand elements in a format that reflects our most insightful interpretation.

    Included in this analysis was a new positioning statement provided by RRH: Consumers that seek a forward-thinking innovator choose Rochester Regional Health. Designed for changing times, clinical excellence, new ideas, patient involvement and anticipating patient needs keep Rochester Regional Health “ahead of the curve”.

  1. Using this brand knowledge as a guide, EVR developed overarching directional one-word “themes” to inspire our thinking – Pioneering, Bold, Forward and Different – and a suite of 3-4 taglines for each theme.
  2. Each theme and its accompanying suite of taglines was presented to RRH leadership on a Brand Expression Storyboard to help set the tone and provide the taglines with context through the use of imagery.
  3. A great tagline needs to do two things: Capture the essence of a brand and create an immediate understanding of “what’s in it for me” for the target audience.

There’s no time to wait for what’s next…

RRH was excited to move forward with the chosen tagline “Next is Now.”

While we knew the tagline was versatile enough to be implemented across RRH’s service line campaigns, EVR sought to give it a stronger foundation.

By building out an integrated “Next is Now” campaign, we were able to turn a simple tagline into a true brand platform that will power all of RRH’s future marketing initiatives.

“Next is Now” launched in multiple phases. Teaser elements worked to stir interest in the campaign while building up to a dramatic reveal during the Super Bowl. We kept momentum going with an agile digital media buy that included smart programmatic placements, as well as creative placements on social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube. serves as the online hub of the campaign.

What’s Next for “Next is Now”

The “Next is Now” campaign will continue to evolve through messaging and design concepts built around RRH’s technological and procedural advancements, as well as inspiring patient stories.

To stay true to RRH’s position as a healthcare system of the future, EVR is already looking toward what’s next for “Next is Now”.