Brand communications strategy and planning

The best brand communications strategies are born from a unique combination of smarts, inspiration, energy, good ol’ roll-up-you-sleeves hard work and an effective process to blend all these ingredients into a winning formula. We listen and process. We know what it takes to get it done. And we have fun doing it.

Brand Development

How is your brand health?

Great brands have distinctive brand positioning that separates them from the competition. Their corporate narrative communicates a strong value proposition and brand promise in a compelling way. They express themselves with a characteristic brand voice and visual identity that’s consistently applied at all levels. Does your brand pass the test?

Integrating business and brand strategy into a go-to-market strategy means positioning and messaging that will uniquely communicate your value and drive market performance. Are you building your business? Repositioning to stay competitive? Does your brand need renewed focus?

Whatever your brand situation may be, we will help it grow meaning and impact. We’ll focus each deliverable on why your brand matters and how to build a more meaningful bond with both customers and employees.

It’s a fact: Businesses that communicate their unique positioning and messaging perform better.

The Customer Journey

While marketing tactics are changing in seismic ways, the fundamentals of consumer psychology remain the same as ever. We still need to build familiarity, relevance, value and trust on our way to the ultimate buying decision. That means meeting our prospects where they are and having the right marketing ingredients in place to move them along their journey.

Hands shake

A warm greeting (Awareness)
Brand preference and affinity are built over time. But relationships need to be introduced and fostered to begin with and, let’s face it, first impressions do matter. We put your best foot forward to create genuine connections. Top of mind awareness breeds top of mind preference.

Let’s have a conversation (Interest)
We live in the age of educated consumers. They engage with multiple channels and are on the go, all the while absorbing knowledge for informed purchase decisions. The marketing landscape is rich with opportunities for this engagement. From captivating user interfaces to more specialized targeting, your business benefits from graciously accepting your visitor’s expression of interest.
Conversion funnel

How can we help you? (Intent)
True expressions of intent are the holy grail of marketing. (Otherwise known as “conversions” these days.) First, let’s take your key performance indicators and agree on conversion points that get you excited. Whether it’s a click, a phone conversation, an email or a live chat … and whether it comes on the first visit or the 51st… your conversions are our goal. Ah, we love the smell of ROI in the morning.

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