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Budgets are limited. Options seem endless. So, where do you spend your money when planning media?

You can’t be everywhere, but if you are strategic, you can be on the channels that matter the most. The ability to connect with your audience has never been more targeted or precise. It just takes the right knowledge, strategy and planning to get there.

EVR’s dedicated team of media pros brings deep knowledge and experience to the specialty of media planning and buying. We have expertise in a wide array of opportunities spanning traditional, digital, social and out-of-home.

Is it science or art? Well, a little of both. The science comes into play in the analysis of markets and how to best reach your coveted target audiences. Whether based on data from primary research, media research tools or secondary exploration, each media plan begins with a thorough understanding of the dynamics and metrics of the buy. Then, our artistic side understands how creative elements couple with media in delivering the optimal message and tone for each audience-channel deployed. That’s a powerful one-two punch.


We work with clients to deliver innovative media solutions that effectively and efficiently meet business goals. Through a definitive understanding of your brand and objectives, our plans maximize your budget, results and ROI. Each of our integrated media plans is as unique as the clients we serve, mapping the customer’s journey through the variety of media channels at play in today’s world. The emergence of advanced technologies has created an intersection of traditional and digital media options. We understand what works and why, then use this insight to produce smart media plans designed to connect with consumers in a consistent and actionable way.

But our work isn’t done when the media plan kicks in. Not even close. Our deep dive into the metrics begins as soon as the media campaign does. Our in-depth approach to analysis and observation reveals key insights and inspires recommendations.



TV—According to Nielsen, U.S. adults spend an average of almost 4 hours watching live television, making it the most highly consumed channel of all at 34% of total media consumption. Based on these numbers, TV isn’t going anywhere. With all the new advertising opportunities available today, TV still maintains its powerful role in brand building, top-of-mind awareness and, ultimately, revenue growth.​

Radio—Studies show that 93% of adults are actively tuning in to traditional radio. Our skillful media planners will find the stations that deliver the optimal mix of reach and frequency for your target audiences.

Print—It ain’t your dad’s newspaper anymore, that’s for sure. But print advertising still has its place, especially when considering certain products and services, age demos, geographic regions, weekly publications, magazines and niche buys. These all deserve attention and consideration.

Direct Mail—Recent market research reveals that individuals receive 90 emails per day, making the mailbox the new inbox. We understand the most effective ways to break through this clutter and reach your clients in innovative ways, even when that means returning to the mailbox.

Out of Home (OOH)—While traditional billboards can be very effective for brand awareness, our view of OOH advertising goes beyond as well, into digital billboards, transit, cinema and more.

Experiential—Life is all about experiences, and experiential tactics provide the opportunity to create memorable connections between consumers and your brand. The possibilities are wide-ranging—lobby takeovers, virtual reality, pop-up stores, sidewalk chalk, street teams, human signs. There’s nothing quite like some guerilla marketing to get you on the streets promoting your brand live and in person.

Digital media


Digital advertising is powerful. We harness that power and use it to build campaigns that do more than just connect with your audience. They attract visitors, start relationships and foster loyalty. However, things can change quickly in this ever-changing world. We ensure you are keeping up with these changes by executing every project through a series of strategic and tactical steps that communicate the essence of your business and directly connect with your customers.​

The digital advertising boom has left us with some of the most robust and versatile advertising tools since the first TV spot aired in 1941. Online platforms are becoming the heart of today’s advertising universe as consumers engage in totally new ways. With EVR, you’ll have a front row seat for these seismic shifts.

Programmatic—Website banner ads have come a long way since the first one was served in 1994. Leveraging “real-time bidding” on ad exchanges, the programmatic buying of this massive online inventory yields some of the most affordable costs per impression in the industry. This flexibility affords our team the ability to only bid on the impressions we want…those being served to your unique customers.

Pay per Click (PPC)—Google turned itself into a billion-dollar company by making the top of a search page some of the most coveted marketing real estate for brands. See immediate results by getting your business listed at the top of search results pages, and above your competition.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—According to Google, 80% of clicks on search results pages are on un-paid, organic listings. This earned exposure takes time to build, but the pay-off is a more trusting audience actively looking for your product or service.

Targeted Email Marketing—Some buying cycles require a bit more persuasion in order to achieve activation. Improve your “prospect-to-close” rate with a lead-nurturing campaign and show your prospects why your business is a cut above the competition.

Over-the-Top TV (OTT)—You use Hulu, Sling, Crackle and other streaming services without a second thought. But did you ever think about how the ads served on these platforms seem so relevant to you? With hypertargeting capabilities and highly measurable results, OTT has the unique opportunity to stand on its own or serve as a hot companion to traditional TV advertising. Add in guaranteed completion rates of 95%+, and this one is worthy of serious consideration.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH)—Imagine a world where billboards appear personalized for their specific viewers in real time­. It’s happening. DOOH is OOH powered by technology. If you’ve ever thought, “How does that billboard know exactly what the weather is?” or if you’ve seen a billboard change based on time of day, you’re witnessing DOOH in action. Could your campaign benefit from this?

Audio Streaming Platforms—Placing ads on local radio stations can generate successful results, no doubt about it. And now, digital radio platforms such as Pandora and Spotify provide a cost-effective complement to traditional radio. These platforms offer digitally based targeting of specific audiences and empirical measurement for data-driven campaign optimization.

Programmatic TV/Radio—Both programmatic TV and radio buying are still in their infancy stages, but they’re on the way to reality. Currently, there are challenges with infrastructure, measurement, brand safety and the fact that many traditional media sellers and buyers are just not ready to progress to a programmatic way of doing business. However, much like programmatic digital buying, this will continue to evolve, and EVR will be evolving right along with it.

EVR’s digital advertising practice is grounded in time-tested strategies and powered by today’s modern technology. This is where brick-and-mortar meets the digital storefront. Our digital advertising strategists get your mix of organic and paid digital impressions in front of your key audiences. Then, we measure multi-touch attribution to determine exactly how many touchpoints it takes to engage your audience. From precise targeting to a captivating user interface, EVR digital campaigns plan, execute and track every click as we move through the journey.

Conversions are the holy grail of today’s online advertising, so we’ll help you take your key performance indicators and agree on conversion points that get you jazzed. Whether it’s a phone call, a live chat, an online request or simply a click…and whether it comes on the first visit or the 51st…your conversions are our goal.

Digital advertising is no longer optional for any business looking to increase awareness and sales. But how do you know if you are spending wisely? Well, the beauty of digital advertising is that it is highly measurable, making it more straightforward to plan, project and evaluate campaign results. And we’ll be there every step of the way to help track your ROI to the end of the sales cycle. The proof is in the results.

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