Lead generation

Do potential customers find you trustworthy? How about helpful? Or remarkable? You better make sure they do.

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Credibility is everything.

We live in a world of educated consumers who make informed decisions. And with the information overload in today’s marketplace, only the exceptional gets anything more than a cursory glance. We have grown wary, dulled to the frustrating and redundant sales pitches we so often hear.

How do you break through that veil of suspicion? That’s the secret of engagement and lead generation. Successful marketing is built on content that speaks to the needs of consumers. It earns trust and credibility.

To connect with consumers and build relationships that last, you need to prove yourself. You need to go beyond selling stuff. You need to be a trusted resource and a helpful partner.

Create that special relationship and you won’t have to get on the soapbox and shout to the masses. You will be able to cultivate a loyal following that is attracted to you.

Not all online lead-generation campaigns are created equal, but there are some basic fundamentals that are hallmarks of success:

  1. Find your audience…or, better stated, let them find you. Put your best foot forward to get a mix of organic and paid digital impressions in front of your key audiences and raise your profile on search engines.
  2. Make an introduction. Meet them where they are. Supply them with the content they are searching for at the times they are searching.
  3. Be relevant. Does it make sense for a hospital to take a consumer looking for the best heart care to a home page that doesn’t even talk about its excellent heart program? If you got them interested in your heart care, bring them to a landing page that is not only devoted to heart health, but also offers helpful information and downloads, such as a healthy-heart test.
  4. Start a conversation. If they are interested enough to visit your website, find out how you can help them through a form or live chat. Follow up with an email or retargeting to stay top of mind.
  5. Convert a consumer to a customer. Whether it’s a phone call, a live chat, an online request or simply a click, connect with consumers in ways that will make them want to convert. Make their experience memorable. And keep the conversation going after that first sale so they become a loyal customer. Better yet, be so good that your loyal customer becomes a brand champion, spreading the word about how helpful and remarkable you are.

That’s when you’ll know you’ve been heard above all the noise out there.

Welcome to the Lead Generation.

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New Pond Village

New Pond Village, a continuing care retirement community in Walpole, MA, needed new brand messaging and marketing tactics to increase brand awareness and generate leads in the Boston MetroWest market. While also providing Assisted Living and Mind & Memory Care, New Pond Village was particularly focused on driving Independent Living move-ins.

Shaheen & Gordon

Shaheen & Gordon, a law firm serving New Hampshire and Maine, had been running the same TV spots for over five years. They needed to produce new spots to represent their brand refresh, which focused on the new messaging of “It’s different here.” Additionally, none of their existing TV spots were personal injury-specific. Personal injury is the most competitive practice area for law firms, leading to a crowded advertising landscape, including television advertising.

DMC Primary Care

DMC Primary Care, an independent, physician-owned primary care provider, and subsidiary Derry Imaging, a full-service independent diagnostic imaging center, were seeking to expand closer to the New Hampshire seacoast by opening an office in Raymond. This office was the farthest to date from their original location in Derry and faced competition from hospitals and providers on the Seacoast.

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