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Hospital Brand Campaigns: When is Bold Too Bold?

Jeff Eisenberg, President & CEO

As we have pointed out in the past, there are factors that make healthcare marketing conservative by nature. But does that mean there is no room to be bold? No possibility for creativity that pushes the envelope?

Rochester Regional Health was willing to challenge that notion recently when they asked us to build and launch a new brand campaign.

Rochester Regional Health (RRH) is comprised of five hospitals in and around Rochester, N.Y. They employ 16,000 people and have built a reputation of excellence in several areas, most notably cardiac, cancer and neurosciences. The system was formed in 2014, so the brand is relatively new even though the member hospitals are well-established.

The Challenge

In exploring RRH brand attributes and comparing these against their main competitor, distinct points of differentiation to build upon emerged. RRH sees itself as the healthcare system of the future, a claim substantiated in a variety of ways, including highly advanced medical techniques and a progressive commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our role was to clarify this brand vision, build a new brand platform, design fresh creative elements and build an integrated campaign of traditional and digital elements to launch in February 2018.

We were asked to be bold.

The Execution

With a new brand positioning statement hand – “Consumers that seek a forward-thinking innovator choose Rochester Regional Health. Designed for changing times, Rochester Regional Health is keeping `ahead of the curve’ through clinical excellence, new ideas, patient involvement and anticipating patient needs keep.”– we went to work developing a tagline.

A great tagline needs to do two things: Capture the essence of a brand and create an immediate understanding of “what’s in it for me” for the target audience. The new tag line, “Next is Now”, accomplishes both of these while offering a powerful stage for creative ideas and initiatives. By building out an integrated “Next is Now” campaign, we were able to turn a simple tagline into a true brand platform that will power all of RRH’s future marketing initiatives.

“Next is Now” launched in multiple phases. Teaser elements worked to stir interest in the campaign while building up to a dramatic reveal during the Super Bowl with a :30 television spot that aired regionally. We kept momentum going with an agile digital media buy that included smart programmatic placements, as well as creative placements on social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube. serves as the online hub of the campaign.

What’s Next for “Next in Now”?

The “Next is Now” campaign will continue to evolve through messaging and design concepts built around RRH’s technological and procedural advancements, as well as inspiring patient stories. To stay true to RRH’s position as a healthcare system of the future, EVR is already looking toward what’s next for “Next is Now”.




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