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Informed Ingenuity

We explore, examine, discuss and probe. Then, we dig some more until we truly understand the essence of the work. It really gets good when you have people with the savvy and skill to take all that knowledge and do something great. Targeted research meets creative marketing. Or, in other words, informed ingenuity.

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The EVR team is a close-knit, ever-evolving, eclectic bunch with our own unique passions. We are A-players, all leaders in our own right who take turns on both sides of the spirited debate we call creative tension. We can’t all be right all the time, and we call each other out when we’re not. It pushes us to be better than our best (and we’re pretty damn good).

We love our space in the Manchester Millyard, where we deliver truly interactive and 360⁰ agency services. We’re a seasoned agency with experienced pros combining the traditional and the modern to cultivate integrated strategies that resonate for our clients, no matter their market. We have a knack for healthcare and senior living marketing, but we love variety. It’s Granite State meets the big city. We produce Madison Avenue results—without the attitude. We connect with clients on a personal level. Knowing and caring about your business as much as you do is what makes us good at ours. That, and we just like our clients.

There’s a reason our vision statement is all about attracting and retaining the best minds in the business. That’s how we deliver the most value to our clients—with the work of our talented pros motivated by professional development and driven to be their best. Clever, informed campaigns with measurable results brand us. But fostering a culture in which our people can grow and thrive is what truly makes us EVR.

EVR Team

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We’re a lot of things—inquisitive, energetic, creative, quirky. We come from lots of places and backgrounds, but the vision we share is clear: We think there’s no place better to live our best lives and do our best work than the Granite State.

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