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Better senior living marketing starts with understanding your audience and how to reach them.

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We help you guide prospects through the door.

Leaving the family home is an emotional decision that doesn’t come easily. Being able to ease concerns and answer questions before they’re even asked establishes your value, builds trust and distinguishes you in a competitive marketplace. The task of making prospects and their loved ones feel comfortable enough to take that final step in the decision-making process can be challenging. We help you guide them through the door.

Although the traditional mainstays in senior living marketing have not changed (your audience still reads newspapers, watches television and values physical mail), seniors are spending more time online than ever, which puts us in a unique position to help you reach the right people exactly where they are—in real time. And those who recognize opportunity in these changing times will not only survive, they’ll thrive.

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Whether you’re looking to modernize your marketing approach, gain the trust of new prospects or anything in between, our insights offer innovative solutions to your marketing challenges.

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“EVR has been far more than a trusted advisor in the continued development and growth of New Pond Village in Walpole, Massachusetts. They take the time to understand the product and the reasons behind why organizational decisions are made to ensure the marketing is in direct correlation to the ultimate business objectives.”

—Patrick McShane, Director of Sales at New Pond Village

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New Pond Village

When New Pond Village, a continuing care retirement community in Walpole, MA, came to us seeking new brand messaging and marketing tactics to break through in the Boston MetroWest market, we used our deep knowledge of the senior living sales journey to deliver a campaign with tangible results. Learn how we responded to market research to create campaign messaging with a strong tie-in to the local community while addressing affordability and support services.

Summit by Morrison

The EVR Total Market Presence approach combines research, technology, creative, content, brand strategy, media and metrics to ensure every marketing dollar spent works within the big picture toward one thing: business goals. When Summit by Morrison came to EVR looking to establish brand awareness and attract residents to its first-of-its-kind senior living community in northern New Hampshire, that’s exactly where we started.



When Edgehill, a luxury continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Stamford, CT, came to us to help highlight its strong community standing and alignment with the distinctive “Greenwich lifestyle,” we developed a thorough verbal and visual messaging strategy that would become the foundation for the brand. With design inspired by Piet Mondrian’s grid systems of the early 20th century, we were able to differentiate the Edgehill brand from other CCRCs and position it among admired luxury brands in different verticals.

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