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Relationships are everything. That’s what makes our approach to healthcare marketing so successful. You need an agency you can trust to deliver the services you want, but it’s more than that. You need a partner you can count on. We get that. Learn more

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Better senior living marketing starts with understanding your audience and how to reach them—we use our knowledge of the full customer journey to help you guide prospects through the door. Learn more

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The Granite State is unique. We get the different regions and the people who live here, and that helps us tailor strategies that resonate. We have perfected our recipe of beautiful design, authentic messaging, compelling content and exceptional media services to best tell your story. Learn more

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Planning and placing media in today’s marketing world has become a beast. The EVR Media Group goes beyond what is expected. We deliver the fundamentals of analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting. Then, we go deeper. Learn more

Successful marketing is built on content that speaks to the needs of consumers. It earns trust and credibility. To connect with consumers and build relationships that last, you need to instill the faith to believe in you. Create that relationship and you won’t have to get on the soapbox and shout to the masses. They’ll come to you. Learn more

About Us

We are EVR

We are EVR—a group of creative thinkers, problem fixers and industry experts. We’re also just a bunch of people who really like working together, challenging and pushing each other to find out-of-the-box solutions and fresh opportunities. Because that’s our business. And, honestly, because we love when our work works.

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You need an agency you can trust to deliver the services you want, but it’s more than that.

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At EVR, our culture is everything to us. And we cherish that.

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“We hold these truths to be self-evident.”

Our Work

Bringing stories to life

Catholic Medical Center

As the flagship service line for Catholic Medical Center (CMC), the New England Heart and Vascular Institute (NEHVI) is known for its surgical excellence and innovative treatments. EVR created a campaign to reinforce NEHVI as the leading provider of heart care in northern New England, helping it stand out among the local and Boston-area hospital competition and strengthen the CMC master brand essence of compassionate excellence.

New Pond Village

New Pond Village, a continuing care retirement community in Walpole, MA, needed new brand messaging and marketing tactics to increase brand awareness and generate leads in the Boston MetroWest market. While also providing Assisted Living and Mind & Memory Care, New Pond Village was particularly focused on driving Independent Living move-ins.


The New Hampshire Electric and Natural Gas energy providers sought to elevate brand awareness of the statewide energy efficiency brand NHSaves®. While the NHSaves program has been around for over two decades, there were increasingly aggressive goals that needed marketing support to build traction as the leading source for energy savings and efficiency.



Memorable campaigns don’t just happen. They’re carefully planned and crafted. They’re based on research and data. They’re memorable because they create identity, personality and emotion. And ultimately, they guide consumers toward a desired action.

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Brand Strategy

Design & Production

Traditional & Digital Media

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Brand Strategy

Our inspiration comes from curiosity, listening and a knack for understanding what makes brands admired and coveted. Great marketing requires insightful thought, sharp vision, innovative ideas and a lot of passionate conversation before it is ready to roll. When you do it right, your brand evokes emotions and impressions that lead to results.

Design & Production

Great work requires creative and critical thinking, penciled doodles, conversation, big white erasers and maybe a coffee spill or two before it is ready to be unveiled to the world. We’re equal parts innovators, artists, strategists, writers and designers. And we’re always on the lookout for your next big idea.

Traditional & Digital Media

Just as each of our clients is unique, so is our approach to the media projects we tackle. Insightful strategy and planning set the stage for thoughtful execution that efficiently and effectively delivers messaging to the right consumers at the right time on the most strategic media channels available. Whether your objective is awareness, conversions or some combination of both, we optimize your campaign to meet specific key performance indicators and thoroughly report on those metrics.

Social Media & Online Marketing

Social media is your digital handshake. It’s how potential customers and loyal advocates alike take a peek behind the curtain and try to connect with you on a deeper level. Give them what they’re looking for, and make sure your hand is out and ready.

Website Development

A strong online presence is the heart of today’s marketing universe. We execute every website and app project, no matter the scope, through a series of strategic and tactical steps that serve your messaging needs and hit technical performance specs that help boost your other efforts.


It’s a noisy marketplace out there. Breaking through and getting the attention of consumers requires marketing campaigns that hit on all cylinders. And those campaigns need to be well-oiled machines, with all efforts magnifying and connecting across channels and platforms for the best results.