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If You Aren’t Using Reels, You’re Missing Out

Kelly Nylander, Creative Director

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Instagram Reels—short-form video for social—have been taking over your newsfeed since 2020. But have you considered implementing them into your business’s marketing strategy? Sure, you’ll see people hopping on trends that originated either on Instagram or TikTok, and you may even see the same content posted repeatedly by different creators. But when executed effectively, Instagram (and Facebook) Reels offer legitimate value for your business.

In fact, Social Insider found that in 2022, a mere 19.67% of brands were using Reels. Fast forward to 2023 and nearly 31% of brands are using Reels—that’s a staggering 57.4% increase, and the trends show no signs of slowing down.

Popular and admired brands like Sephora use Instagram Reels to showcase their products in action, such as makeup application tutorials, before and afters, unboxings and more. And you can, too. Here are some ways to make the most of your brand, whether you’re offering a product or a service (or both):

1. Demonstrate

One of the most popular ways for brands to use Reels is to showcase their product or service in action. Whether you choose to utilize a dynamic employee or an influencer who has captivated the hearts of many, showcase someone using your product or service to give insight into what the actual user experience is like. Pro tip: Use this content in the “POV” style to help users see how your brand could fit into their everyday lives.

2. How-To Videos

A how-to video offers a step-by-step tutorial on specific ways your product or service can be used. It’s not limited to just showcasing your offerings; it also presents an opportunity to address common consumer concerns or frequently asked questions within your industry. When you provide valuable information, your content may be shared or appear on users’ feeds, expanding your reach even if it’s not directly linked to the specific product or service you’re promoting.

3. Behind the Scenes

We should all rally behind our brands and take pride in the work. Unless you’re in an industry that demands discretion (like government contracting or proprietary methods), sharing in-depth behind-the-scenes content can be a valuable tool for sparking interest and engaging your loyal followers. What does this entail? You could capture the live manufacturing process of a product, show quick shots of the various steps of a service as you plan and execute, showcase the unique culture within your company. Essentially, it’s about spotlighting what makes your brand unique, allowing you to stand out amongst an increasingly crowded space.

4. Answer FAQs

The reality is, you can provide a comprehensive list of questions and answers and inevitably, someone will have a question you didn’t anticipate. Compile all those questions you receive from social media, email and other inquiries and leverage Reels as an approachable platform for a casual, honest conversation to address them. People value authenticity, so providing direct answers can go a long way in building trust with this audience.

4. Time-Sensitive Messaging

People love to be in the know. So what better way to keep them in the loop than with Reels? Whether you’re offering a limited-time sale, are participating in an upcoming conference or are hosting an event at your location, Reels are a great way to ensure your message reaches an engaged group of people.

No matter where you start, keep in mind that you don’t need a professional video crew to get started with Reels. Lower-quality footage is acceptable (and often adds authenticity to the platform); people expect content shot on a phone. Additionally, using URLs in your video’s text is also okay, as long as it’s a user-friendly vanity URL (like that a viewer can easily remember. In fact, this can help you drive traffic to your website. The most important thing is that you’re creating original content. Feel free to use the same content for your TikTok and Instagram page—just keep in mind that if Meta detects it and takes action, it could impact your algorithm.

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