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Posts by Mackenzie Fraser

Leveraging Social Media Trends for Your Senior Community

5 Min read
A senior using social media

Social Media for Your Senior Community: More Than Just a Marketing Tool

5 Min read
Senior women

Optimizing Staff Recruitment Efforts: Insights for Senior Living Communities

4 Min read
Daughter and father using computer

Uncovering Hidden Prospects: Six Website Strategies to Move Prospective Residents from Search to Engagement

4 Min read
Senior women enjoying their dining experience

Using Your Senior Living Community’s Dining Program as a Marketing Advantage

7 Min read
Senior baking on social media

Seniors on Social: How Granfluencers Are Transforming the Digital Landscape

6 Min read
Seniors celebrating

Go Beyond Ordinary: Crafting Unforgettable Events for Senior Living Prospects

5 Min read

AI-Powered Marketing in Senior Living: Unlocking Innovation

3 Min read

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