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With telehealth becoming a more important element in the evolving healthcare landscape and its rapidly growing prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bassett Healthcare Network set out to raise market awareness of its remote healthcare offerings and encourage patients to discover and use these services.

EVR developed a telehealth campaign to position Bassett as a safe and trusted approach to receiving healthcare services during the pandemic. The campaign was intended to keep Bassett top of mind and highlight why Bassett Healthcare Network and telehealth services should be an important part of patients’ care plans.


Campaign messaging using the phrase “Bringing care to where you are” and words such as “connected” helped bring to life the concept that Bassett had the experience and capabilities to provide quality care to consumers via telehealth, despite the rural location and no matter where patients may be.


The campaign used both digital and traditional placements for a multichannel campaign with consistent messaging across local print, radio and billboards in addition to Facebook video ads and programmatic banner ads.


The two-flight campaign resulted in more than 5.7 million impressions, 850 Facebook engagements and 157 conversions, including phone calls.

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Increase in organic web traffic
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Completed video views