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Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan


Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan (BMCHP), a Medicaid provider in Massachusetts, sought to bolster its presence in the Boston market for Medicaid coverage. BMCHP chose to partner with EVR Advertising for well-established expertise in healthcare marketing and proficiency in crafting effective media strategies.


BMCHP faced the formidable challenge of carving a distinct niche in the highly competitive Medicaid provider market in the Boston area. The hospital had identified the target demographic of women aged 18–34 with children and Medicaid-eligible incomes as the primary objective. The goal was to not only drive enrollment, but to captivate, empower and deliver valuable healthcare solutions to this audience, establishing BMCHP as their trusted partner in health and well-being.

Strategic Approach

EVR Advertising developed a comprehensive strategy that would encompass both general branding and targeted open enrollment campaigns, directing consumers to a dedicated microsite. Strategic media planning, guided by key performance indicators, was implemented to elevate brand lift and user engagement. The approach would have to include deployment of a tactical mix of traditional and digital channels, featuring radio, programmatic display ads, billboards, transit ads, print advertising and even laundromat signage, complemented by leveraging the BMCHP website in order to maximize impact.

BMCHP website


The overarching concept “Get More” positioned BMCHP as a clear, simple and straightforward health plan in a complex marketplace. It served as a call to action and introduced multiple free and extra benefits, adaptable across various channels.

Creative tactics focused on engaging the millennial mindset with bold graphics and emoji-style illustrations, using vibrant colors to create an immediate connection. The design avoided imagery that was overused by competitors and incorporated a vanity URL,, which reinforced key brand messaging and was easy to remember.


The results of this partnership showed the campaign was highly successful. New sign-ups increased by an impressive 57% compared to the previous two member acquisition campaigns. Approximately 70 million impressions were delivered at a cost of less than a penny per impression. Consumer engagement was notable, with over 26,000 unique visitors to the microsite, resulting in 364 high-opportunity clicks or form submissions.

In Numbers

Increase in new sign-ups
Million impressions
High-opportunity clicks