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DMC Primary Care, an independent, physician-owned primary care provider, and subsidiary Derry Imaging, a full-service independent diagnostic imaging center, were seeking to expand closer to the New Hampshire seacoast by opening an office in Raymond. This office was the farthest to date from their original location in Derry and faced competition from hospitals and providers on the Seacoast.

The two brands sought EVR’s help to raise awareness in the greater Raymond area and fill appointment schedules in a competitive marketplace.

DMC Creative


EVR worked with DMC and Derry Imaging to develop a fresh messaging strategy for entering the new market. DMC played off its independent provider messaging with the message of “one-of-a-kind care,” focusing on the fact that residents of Raymond would not be able to find the same benefits of an independent primary care provider at any other area practice. Derry Imaging focused on “Bringing the Best to Raymond,” a message that acknowledges the brand’s top-notch imaging services. To tie the message to other branded campaigns, they also acknowledged the 40–70% cost savings compared to hospital imaging.

A mixed media approach was implemented, including YouTube, Facebook, Google Display Network and paid search. An emphasis was placed on running Google Display Network and YouTube as awareness channels, both pre-opening and early in the campaign. Once the office opened and booking was available, interest and conversion channels (Facebook and paid search) were added to the campaign to encourage appointment scheduling.

Overall, both DMC and Derry Imaging’s Raymond offices are achieving or exceeding their new patient goals.

During the initial six months, DMC’s paid search campaign resulted in 13,668 impressions, 1,757 link clicks and 98 form/self-schedule clicks, equating to a 14.4% conversion rate. Facebook, YouTube and Google Display Network yielded an additional 168 link clicks and 75 form/self-schedule clicks.

During that same period, Derry Imaging’s paid search campaign resulted in 10,990 impressions, 1,318 link clicks and 77 form/self-schedule clicks. Additionally, Facebook, YouTube and Google Display Network provided 1,569 link clicks and 12 self-schedule/DocASAP views.

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