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DMC Primary Care


DMC Primary Care, an independent, physician-owned primary care provider in New Hampshire, and subsidiary Derry Imaging, a full-service independent diagnostic imaging center, were seeking to expand closer to the state’s seacoast by opening an office in Raymond. Recognizing the need for expert guidance in healthcare marketing, DMC Primary Care selected EVR Advertising as their partner.


The main objective was to to increase brand awareness and expand their patient panel in and around the New Hampshire seacoast by breaking through to audiences in new areas amid heightened competition from hospitals and providers on the Seacoast.

DMC Creative

Strategic Approach

EVR crafted a comprehensive strategy focused on strengthening the healthcare provider’s online presence in the region and fostering meaningful connections with new, existing and prospective patients. The approach was designed to improve accessibility to care and enhance education of services provided in order to engage the target audience.


To achieve these goals, tactics included a thorough website redesign to improve the user experience by optimizing content for search engines and creating informative resources, such as articles and blog posts. Also included was a multi-touchpoint digital campaign that reached target audiences effectively and efficiently maximized budget. Social media campaigns were also employed to reach and engage patients on various digital platforms.


The results showcased a 21% increase in “Find a Physician” website form submissions. Furthermore, there was a notable 40.5% decrease in cost per conversion compared to previous compaigns, bettering the industry standard by 15%. These outcomes underscore the effectiveness of EVR Advertising’s strategy in not only raising awareness in the greater Raymond area but also in optimizing cost efficiency, ultimately contributing to the success of DMC Primary Care’s expansion efforts.

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