New Hampshire

NH Liquor & Wine Outlet

& strategy

The holiday season is a short-but-critical one for the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet (NHLWO) stores. For this holiday campaign, the NHLWO was looking to drive traffic to and increase sales at its numerous stores around the state from October through December.

A campaign was created to target consumers in the bordering counties of Massachusetts and Maine, where people frequently cross into New Hampshire to shop and take advantage of the tax-free savings. The campaign focused on NHLWO’s wide selection and low pricing.


With the assistance of third-party research tools, EVR strategically selected media channels that would not only complement digital channels already in place, but deliver a message to customers in a variety of ways. The media plan included billboards and a mix of radio, newspaper and magazine ads placed on key stations and publications in the target areas.

Through research and third-party data, we selected the top stations with listeners who are most likely to consume alcohol (wine and/or spirits) three or more times a week within the selected geographic targets. Stations were evaluated based on geographic coverage, qualitative rating and cost per point.


EVR was able to utilize the wide range of colors, shapes and sizes of spirit/wine bottles to create holiday formations and showcase the quantity and variety of products found at NHLWO stores in a unique way. Copy reinforced NHLWO’s primary messaging of value, selection and tax-free savings.


The campaign immediately proved its effectiveness, with increased store traffic and record-breaking sales volume. It generated a significant contribution to the increase of 6% in NHLWO retail sales over the previous year.