New Hampshire | Seasonal Campaign

NH Liquor & Wine Outlet


With more than 65 locations statewide, New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets (NHLWO) sought to drive traffic and boost sales at its statewide stores during the peak holiday season of October to December. To do so, NHLWO partnered with EVR Advertising—an agency with expertise on effective marketing strategies in New England and beyond.


NHLWO aimed to attract consumers from the bordering regions of Massachusetts and Maine who frequented New Hampshire for tax-free shopping. The objective was to entice holiday shoppers with NHLWO’s extensive product selection and competitive pricing.

Strategic Approach

With the assistance of third-party research tools, EVR strategically segmented audiences with relevant profile charactistics to inform the tactical selection of specific media channels and messaging. Creatively, EVR utilized the wide range of colors, shapes and sizes of spirit/wine bottles to create holiday-inspired creative direction and concept.


Media tactics included billboards and a mix of newspaper, magazine and radio ads placed on key stations and publications in the target areas.

As for visuals, creative elements used the appeal of various spirit and wine bottles to create holiday-themed displays, emphasizing product variety and affordability while messaging reinforced the core concepts of value, selection and tax-free savings.


The campaign’s immediate impact was evident, resulting in increased foot traffic and record-breaking sales with an impressive 6% retail sales growth compared to the previous year.