New Hampshire | TV Campaign

Shaheen & Gordon


Shaheen & Gordon, a prestigious law firm serving New Hampshire and Maine, undertook a brand refresh project to develop new TV spots that would encapsulate their revised messaging, “It’s different here.” For creative and strategic guidance, Shaheen & Gordon partnered with EVR Advertising.

Challenge | Objective

After running the same TV spots for over five years, Shaheen & Gordon needed a fresh approach to advertising that would help them stand out in the crowded personal injury law advertising arena and position them as the first-choice personal injury law firm in New Hampshire and Maine.

Strategic Approach

EVR embarked on in-depth competitor and brand identidy analyses to identify how the pre-determined messaging “It’s different here” could translate seamlessly to TV creative. Recognizing the prevalence of generic and uninspiring TV spots in the personal injury law field, EVR undertstood that the strategic approach needed to be rooted in authenticity.


Understanding that these new personal injury-specific TV spots needed to depart from the traditionally aggressive approach. EVR Advertising developed creative that positioned Shaheen & Gordon’s personal injury attorneys in a calm, compassionate manner in contrast to the stereotypical “bad lawyers” spots that viewers had become accustomed to seeing. The result? Television spots that were different, memorable and allowed flexibility with easy updates like new intros that would ensure their longevity and the effectiveness in the advertising campaign.


In the twelve months following the launch of the new television spots, Shaheen & Gordon saw a substantial 40% increase in potential new clients (leads) directly attributed to TV advertising compared to the twelve months prior. These spots were not only well-received anecdotally by clients, who appreciated the compassionate nature of the attorneys, but also garnered positive feedback from the legal community, and most importantly, generated strong revenue growth.