New Hampshire | TV Campaign

Shaheen & Gordon

& objective

Shaheen & Gordon, a law firm serving New Hampshire and Maine, had been running the same TV spots for over five years. They needed to produce new spots to represent their brand refresh, which focused on the new messaging of “It’s different here.” Additionally, none of their existing TV spots were personal injury-specific. Personal injury is the most competitive practice area for law firms, leading to a crowded advertising landscape, including television advertising.

Ultimately, the goal was to develop new personal injury-specific TV spots that promoted Shaheen & Gordon’s new branding and positioned them as the first-choice personal injury law firm in New Hampshire and Maine.


TV spots for personal injury attorneys are notoriously bad, with lawyers on screen just yelling, “Have you been injured? Call XXXX.” To help Shaheen & Gordon cut through this clutter with a more meaningful message, EVR designed a strategy that turned this notion on its head by juxtaposing their personal injury attorneys in a calm, collected, compassionate manner with stereotypical “bad lawyers.”


In the eight months after the new television spots launched, Shaheen & Gordon received 40% more potential new clients (leads) directly attributed to TV advertising than in the eight months prior.

Spots were well received anecdotally, with clients appreciating the calm and compassionate nature of our attorneys. Positive feedback was also received from attorneys’ colleagues. Additionally, the television spots lend themselves to being easily updated with new intros.