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As the COVID-19 pandemic wore on and people were neglecting routine healthcare visits out of fear of being exposed to the virus, St. Lawrence Health System (SLHS) needed a campaign to educate consumers about safety, explain enhanced precautions and convey new policies and procedures in place for those receiving non-COVID care.

EVR developed a multichannel campaign to assure the community that SLHS hospitals and clinics were not only open and safe, but also that essential health services should not be ignored. Campaign messaging was designed to be adaptable and long lasting, as procedures and policies related to the pandemic were constantly changing. “Here for What’s Next” helped set the stage for promotional messaging that positioned SLHS at the forefront of leadership and care during the pandemic without the need to reference specifics so that the campaign could remain adaptable.

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Messaging & media

Creative messaging geared toward new and existing patients connected the forward-thinking concept of “what’s next” with the idea that SLHS is always ready and available, no matter what new challenges the pandemic might bring. The messaging was designed to help provide consumers with a sense of security and encourage patients to come back for care.

The campaign employed digital and traditional assets, including print, billboards, digital display, radio, social video, native ads, pay per click and custom landing pages. The “Here for What’s Next” message was consistently applied across all channels.


Over four months, the campaign generated heightened brand awareness within the health system’s market area, with a total of 4,144,368 impressions delivered through a variety of digital and broadcast channels and another 4,581,675 impressions delivered via campaign billboards.

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