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St. Lawrence Health System


In response to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, St. Lawrence Health (SLH), an upstate New York three-hospital healthcare system, faced the challenge of addressing public concerns about the safety of routine healthcare visits.

To address this critical need, SLH engaged EVR Advertising as a strategic partner. EVR’s expertise in healthcare marketing and the team’s commitment to delivering successful results, combined with their adaptability, made it the ideal choice.


As individuals hesitated to seek non-COVID care due to fear of virus exposure, SLH recognized the need for a comprehensive campaign to educate consumers on safety measures, enhanced precautions and new policies and procedures in place for non-COVID care. They needed to reassure the community that SLH hospitals and clinics were open and safe for non-COVID care. The objective was to convey the importance of continuing essential health services and to educate the public about the enhanced safety measures in place.

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Strategic Approach

EVR Advertising devised a multichannel campaign, “Here for What’s Next,” designed to assure the community that SLH was open and safe while emphasizing essential health services should not be neglected. The messaging was adaptable and long-lasting, as pandemic-related procedures and policies were constantly evolving. This approach allowed SLH to position itself as a leader in healthcare during the pandemic, ensuring campaign adaptability.


The campaign employed a variety of digital and traditional assets, including print, billboards, digital display, radio, social video, native ads, pay per click and custom landing pages. The consistent application of the “Here for What’s Next” message across all channels reinforced the campaign’s effectiveness in reaching the target audience.


Over the course of four months, the campaign successfully heightened brand awareness within the SLH market area. It delivered a total of 4,144,368 impressions through a range of digital and broadcast channels, along with an additional 4,581,675 impressions via campaign billboards. The campaign generated 1,898 high-opportunity web actions, an impressive overall engagement rate of 21.67% on Facebook and an average click-through rate on paid search that was seven times higher than industry standards.

In Numbers

High-opportunity web actions
Overall engagement rate on Facebook
Average click-through rate on paid search