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Yankee Equipment

& strategy

Fresh off a brand relaunch, Yankee Equipment Systems was ready to take a deep dive into the world of digital marketing to help bolster its growth as a premier commercial and industrial laundry equipment dealer in New England and New York State. Seeing the pace of its Google pay-per-click (PPC) leads begin to slow, it was time to revisit external SEM efforts as the brand worked toward a goal of at least 30 qualified leads per month.

Addressing the immediate issues at hand, a plan was created to grow Yankee’s earned digital exposure into the future. This included a thorough investigation into the overall searchability of the website, new keyword opportunities and off-site directory listings. At the same time, the company’s PPC campaign was restructured, eliminating lower-performing ad groups and installing negative keywords to ensure ad relevance.


Armed with a newly devised set of customer personas, new website content was created to increase SEO rank while offering a more in-depth view of Yankee’s robust sales, installation and parts services. This included a mix of video, static page content and offers designed to engage prospects at all stages of the buying process. At the same time, new PPC landing pages were deployed, helping to boost the conversion rate of paid traffic across the campaign.

The goal of at least 30 qualified leads per month was reached on a consistent basis.

In numbers

Percent increase in organic search traffic in the first year
Increase in leads during the first year
Consecutive months of increased PPC performance