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Yankee Equipment


Yankee Equipment Systems, a premier dealer of commercial and industrial laundry equipment in New England and New York State, embarked on a digital marketing journey after a recent brand relaunch. Recognizing the need for a strategic partner to enhance its online presence and generate qualified leads, Yankee Equipment Systems turned to EVR Advertising.


After witnessing a slowdown in leads, Yankee Equipment Systems knew it needed to revitalize its digital marketing efforts, specifically in the realm of search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The primary objective of the project was to reinvigorate these external SEM initiatives and achieve a steady stream of qualified leads each month.

Strategic Approach

EVR initiated a comprehensive strategy to bolster Yankee Equipment Systems’ digital presence, which included a thorough evaluation of the website’s searchability, identification of new keyword opportunities and optimization of off-site directory listings. Simultaneously, content marketing opportunities were developed to better strategize what types of content would be most valuable and where. Finally, EVR evaluated the existing PPC campaign and prepared for in-depth restructuring aimed at eliminating underperforming ad groups and introducing negative keywords to enhance ad relevance.


After developing detailed buyer personas, EVR Advertising was able to craft new website content designed to enhance SEO rankings and offer an in-depth insight into Yankee’s sales, installation and parts services.

Coupled with a robust campaign restructuring, new PPC landing pages were introduced to increase the conversion rate of paid traffic within the campaign.


EVR’s strategic initiatives yielded impressive results for Yankee Equipment Systems. These included an 11% increase in organic search traffic in the first year, a 12% rise in leads during the same period and a remarkable achievement of consistently generating at least 30 qualified leads per month. This success extended over 14 consecutive months, underscoring the effectiveness of the campaign’s performance and initiating a 10-year run of highly profitable results.

In numbers

Percent increase in organic search traffic in the first year
Increase in leads during the first year
Consecutive months of increased PPC performance