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In so many ways, social media remains the wild west of the internet. Platforms come, platforms go. And the ones that are thriving are still trying to figure out how to best monetize their services as middlemen between brands and consumers. The landscape is changing daily and it requires a watchful eye to know how to best invest your time, effort and money.

Our Process

Social media is where nearly a third of the world’s population (and about three-quarters of people using the internet) spend part of their day. It has emerged as a dominating driver in the world of marketing. So how do you break through and get noticed? It’s not about volume – sometimes too many posts can hurt you – but the quality of your interactions.

brand audit

Brand Audit

Who are you? How are you currently connecting? What is your voice? What is your end goal? First we will set out to ask and find answers to these questions (and more) to give us a better feel for where your brand fits in the social space. The key to social media marketing is AUTHENTICITY. So how can we help you if we don’t understand the root of who you are?

Platform designation

Platform Designation

Just because one business is using 12 different social platforms, doesn’t mean you should. As each business is unique, so will be our strategy when it comes to choosing the right platforms for you. Maybe your product/service is best translated through high-production images, or maybe it’s first-person video, or even repurposing user-generated content. Whatever the mix, we will work together to figure it out.



People are looking for engaging stories with an authenticity that stems from your brand image in an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual information online. Videos pushed through social media create a personal connection with your audience that is not always possible with other forms of content. You can show what you do, why you do it and what you stand for in a totally authentic way.


Shoot To Social

Authentic also means a video shouldn’t be too polished or too much of a production. At EVR, we call it shoot-to-social. While they take some planning and must maintain brand standards, you don’t need to overthink these types of videos. The aim is to drive engagement without the high costs of production and by shortening the time from shoot to posting.

Reputation management

The Fun Part

Okay, so we have goals set and platforms chosen, now let’s run with it! Depending on your preferred level of involvement, we can create content calendars, draft posts, handle photography and video production to get you out there! If needed, we will mix organic and paid/boosted content for maximum efficiency. Regular reporting (monthly or quarterly) will help keep us on track and improve as we move forward.

It begins with managing your online brand reputation. Reputation management, or REP360, is no longer optional if you want to convert more people into customers and ensure you have the best and brightest looking to work for you.

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