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Media planning is a beast.
We tame it.

Planning and placing media in today’s marketing world has become a beast. Due to the sheer number of channels now available, it takes contemporary methods of analysis and a strategic mix of diverse tactics to build a campaign that will reach your audiences and achieve results. And as if that’s not enough, things continue to change at warp speed, requiring a commitment to regularly study and learn in order to stay current with the newest trends and most advanced practices.

The EVR Media Group responds to this demanding and evolving environment of modern media with a focused mission, skilled personnel and dedicated resources. EVR’s specialists define the profile of the progressive media professional who is not only smart, analytical, strategic and can flawlessly see a plan through execution, but also has a new set of skills necessary to deal with breakthrough technology, digital platforms and mounds of data.

The EVR Media Group goes beyond what is expected. We deliver the fundamentals of analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting. And once underway, you will see we go deeper. We don’t just deliver analytics in our reporting back to you, we dive into the numbers and think. We make observations, discover insights and develop recommendations that lead to more successful results.

We are an agency that believes in the balance of art and science, and that belief serves us well in today’s media world. Our creative approaches and analytical insights make us thought leaders and trail blazers.

Let’s find your trail.

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