Senior Living | Brand Refresh



Edgehill, a luxury continuing care retirement community located on Connecticut’s affluent coastline region, embarked on a brand revitalization project.

Their objective was to enhance their esteemed community standing and underscore their alignment with the exclusive “Greenwich lifestyle.” Choosing EVR Advertising as a partner was driven by EVR’s expertise in senior living marketing.


EVR was challenged with refreshing the Edgehill brand to better align with the exclusive lifestyle it offers and to elevate its reputation within the community. The primary objective was to convey an unparalleled living experience for seniors and reinforce the association with luxury living.

Edgehill rooftop garden

Strategic Approach

EVR’s approach involved crafting a new campaign, “Where Life Meets Style,” encapsulating an exceptional living experience for discerning seniors. This unique message served as the foundation for a novel website and design system, drawing inspiration from Piet Mondrian’s grid systems of the early 20th century, effectively differentiating Edgehill from other CCRCs and positioning it among prestigious luxury brands in various industries.


The brand refresh included the creation of updated and authentic imagery that celebrated the unique attributes of Edgehill’s residents, staff and community culture, showcasing the elements of the Edgehill lifestyle.


Initial performance indicators showed a 46% increase in organic web traffic and the paid search campaign significantly exceeded industry standards with a 142% above-average click-through rate, confirming the resonance of messaging with the target audience. Over the course of the camapaign, Edgehill experienced 66% total growth in web traffic.

In Numbers

Increase in organic web traffic
Increase in total web traffic
Above-average CTR for paid search