EVR Senior Vice President Speaks to Women Students About Starting Their Careers Strong

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Pictured from left: Mackenzie Fraser with fellow panel speakers Ashley Oberg and Latonya Wallace.

August 21, 2023

At EVR Advertising, despite our diverse backgrounds, we share a common passion for New Hampshire. Rather than merely professing our affinity from afar, our drive lies in actively engaging and making a positive difference within the community

Senior Vice President Mackenzie Fraser embraces this spirit.

Pictured from left: Mackenzie Fraser with fellow panel speakers Latonya Wallace and Ashley Oberg.

Mackenzie recently spoke on a “Women of Influence” panel at the “Launching Your Career” event hosted by the Center for Ethics Society and the Women in Business Club at Saint Anselm College. The panelists talked about their business experiences, inspiring female students to launch their careers with confidence. 

“Kudos to the Center for Ethics in Society and the Women in Business club at Saint Anselm for hosting this series and fostering discussion about this important topic,” Mackenzie said. “It was rewarding to see the turnout of students who came engaged and ready to participate in the conversation.” 

“Women of Influence” was a three-part series focusing on topics to promote success for women in business and governance. Mackenzie was joined on the panel by Ashley Oberg, chief of staff at York IE, a strategic growth and investment firm, and Latonya Wallace, director of community relations at the NH Community Loan Fund.

Dina Frutos-Bencze, an Associate Professor of International Business at Saint Anselm, moderated. The panelists talked about gender disparities they’ve faced in their careers and how they handled them.

Mackenzie shared some challenges that she’s faced as a woman working in male-dominated industries like advertising and sports. She says women owners are underrepresented in advertising, at just 5%; however, initiatives aimed at promoting women’s entrepreneurship and advocating for equal opportunities are gaining momentum and gradually leading to an increase in the number of women owners in the industry. Mackenzie’s exceptional career achievements have uniquely positioned her as the future co-owner and President of EVR Advertising, poised to assume leadership from Jeff Eisenberg upon his retirement.

“Being surrounded by such inspirational women, students and community members gives me hope, envisioning a future without glass ceilings or sticky floors,” she said. “I’m optimistic our conversation encouraged women at every stage to achieve and strive for career progression.”

Mackenzie addressed a topic of particular importance to women in the workplace, work-life balance, something she says has been a lifelong endeavor.

“Life and work are so intertwined with work from home and access to technology, it’s difficult to escape. Integrate the two together and find the balance that works best for you,” she shared.

Women in Business Club President Kim Tran shared with the Saint Anselm Crier, the college’s student newspaper, that “Including women in the business world should begin before women enter the workforce.” Engaging with students during college could propel their careers beyond preceding women’s generations.

 “The panelists also helped students learn ways in which they can include women in the classroom so that this translates into the workplace,” Kim said, explaining that welcoming women and celebrating their achievements in the classroom helps give them confidence when they begin their careers.

Mackenzie’s participation on the panel is a clear testament to EVR’s dedication to fostering women in business, underscored by the fact that 72% of EVR Advertising’s staff is female, showcasing the company’s strong commitment to both gender diversity and local community engagement.

EVR Advertising is a full-service agency that understands New Hampshire businesses and what it takes to succeed. We have a unique lens on reaching NH consumers, their mindset and NH marketing trends.

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