Account Coordinator

Emily Otto

Major sweet tooth, podcast listener, stargazer and sunset watcher, sci-fi movie buff


Emily’s natural ability to connect and work with others, her eagerness to learn and her interest in creative arts are the driving factors for her career in marketing and account services. She uses the skills she’s honed in her six years working in customer relations and her experience in social media, project management and event planning to provide innovative solutions for our clients.

Having studied management and marketing at Providence College, Emily brings a wide range of skills and interests to EVR. She has an equally logical, creative and curious mind, which allows her to challenge herself, her teammates and her clients. Emily acts as an agility player for the team, has very strong attention to detail and organizational skills and strives to find the fun and excitement in every project she takes on.

As a New Hampshire native, Emily is a natural lover of lakes, sunsets and all things aesthetically pleasing. Her four-month venture abroad to Italy pushed her out of her comfort zone and evolved her appreciation and desire for travel, architecture and the arts. In her free time, you can find her listening to her favorite podcasts or attempting to put a paintbrush to canvas. She is a pop culture enthusiast, will never turn down a scoop (or bowl or pint) of ice cream and believes that nothing can beat a classic margarita.