Creative Director

Kelly Nylander

Halloween enthusiast, cat lady, concert-goer, devourer of pumpkin-anything


After four years cutting her teeth doing marketing and production in the Los Angeles video games industry, Kelly, a proud New Hampshire native, came home to combine her big-city experience with Granite State heart. While cutting trailers for Nintendo Directs and being published on the PlayStation blog fulfilled a lifelong dream, nothing could top her love of where she grew up.

Since then, Kelly’s used all she’s learned to further her belief that marketing can mean something. It’s not just about putting your name and logo in the marketplace, but an opportunity to help someone who needs your services and expertise find you when they need you most. She’s brought her people-first perspective to dozens of different projects, with clients as varied and essentially New England as Shaheen & Gordon, CMC, and Benchmark Senior Living.

Whether she’s directing a commercial, planning community events, or developing a brand’s social media strategy, her love of connection and community is her guiding light. Seeing Facebook comments on clients’ pages like “Couldn’t have done it without them” and “They’re the best” are what gets her out of bed every morning, and she strives to keep forging and strengthening those bonds that mark the difference between a customer and an advocate.

Kelly is an avid patron and supporter of her New Hampshire state libraries and local animal rescue organizations. At home, she loves playing and keeping up with the video game industry, watching horror movies of dubious quality, and taking trips to the NH north country. She also owns the world’s cutest cat (and carries around more than enough evidence to prove it).