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How to Improve Your Urgent Care Center’s Pay-per-Click Efforts

Lisa Wallace, Account Director

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According to Insider Intelligence, urgent care centers see some 89 million visits per year and the industry is poised to continue its rapid growth. So, how do you get people to your center?

People who are searching for urgent care have one thing in common—they are in a hurry and want care as soon as possible. This means conversion rates (the percentage of users who perform a specified action from an ad, such as place a phone call or book an online appointment) are typically much higher than in other industries. This makes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising the perfect complement to your business’s marketing strategy.

What Is PPC?

PPC, also known as paid search, is a type of online advertising where text ads are served to a user based on specific keyword search terms. Then, advertisers pay each time their ad is clicked by a user. The ads are highly targeted because they can reach potential customers who are actively searching for relevant content. Even better? Brands automatically receive higher placements on search pages for which they may not rank as highly organically.

Here are four ways you can improve your urgent care center’s PPC efforts:

1. Answer common questions.

Urgent care PPC ads need to be short and to the point compared to ads in other industries. The most effective urgent care ads answer common questions, such as:

  • “What time are they open?”
  • “Do they take walk-ins?”
  • “What are the wait times?”
  • “What services do they offer?”
  • “Are appointments needed for flu shots?”
  • “Are flu shots free?”

Answer these questions in your ads to encourage users to click through to your website to learn more or book an appointment.

2. Utilize Google features.

Google has made it extremely easy for businesses to provide contact access points for consumers to use. Using “Call Only” ads or putting a “Click to Call” button on your current text ads will allow users to reach you easily with their mobile phone to book an appointment. If users are seeking walk-in appointments, Google allows advertisers to show their address within the ad. When the address is clicked by the user, they are given the option to add the address to a GPS navigation app in their phone.

3. Consider seasonality.

PPC ads are a great opportunity for brand awareness and attracting new patients. During certain times of the year, people will be searching for common seasonal illnesses or injuries. For example, people search for allergy symptoms during the spring, back-to-school physicals in late summer and flu symptoms in the winter. Placing an ad with these search terms will provide exposure to those who may not be aware of your services.

4. Exude convenience.

Vacationers traveling to and from ski areas or lakes, relatives visiting for the holidays and athletes competing in tournaments are just a few examples of the types of patients that will visit an urgent care facility in a different state or town. These travelers don’t necessarily know what’s in the area, so if they have a need for treatment, they will go for the most convenient option available. Having a strong online presence will help you capture those looking for urgent care right when they need it.

The Power of PPC

There are plenty of ways to advertise your urgent care office, but one of the most effective ways to see results is with a PPC campaign. By optimizing your PPC campaign, you will find users who are actively searching for care at that moment and give them plenty of reasons and ways to reach out and visit you, thus driving further conversions.

Looking for More?

If you want to dive deeper into successful paid search strategies, download our free resource guide available here.

Or, if you would prefer professional help in developing and implementing a solid PPC plan for your business, just reach out to EVR Advertising. Our experts are here to help you every step of the way. With the right PPC strategy and our guidance, your urgent care center can thrive in the digital world and effectively serve those in need.

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