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If Your Healthcare Organization Isn’t Already on TikTok, It Should Be

Lisa Wallace, Account Director

“Most Impactful Creator.” When you hear those words in relation to TikTok, the last thing you probably think of is a healthcare organization. But guess what? In 2020, healthcare provider Dr. Leslie (@drleslie) received that very designation.

With 80 million active users in the U.S. and 40% over age 24, TikTok is actually a platform where your healthcare organization wants to be.

The great news is, to get started with TikTok ads, you only need a budget of $50. Here’s what you need to know:

  • TikTok’s ad platform offers three objectives—awareness (reach), consideration (traffic, app installs, video views) and conversion (direct action on your website).
  • Videos for unbranded specific campaigns can be placed as top-view, branded takeover or in-feed videos.
  • Split testing is available to test different creative elements and optimize for what your target audience is responding to.

You may be thinking, “What could I possibly post on TikTok that people will find relevant and not scroll right past?” We’re glad you asked.

As Nina Luker, head of North American partnerships at digital creation platform Shuttlerock, so aptly puts it, “It’s a way to step away from the traditional. As long as marketers understand that its true power comes from the content creators and not the brand, it can be an incredible communications tool.” How does she know? She used the platform herself to document her journey with stage 4 cancer after her diagnosis in February 2020. It doesn’t get much more authentic—or vulnerable—than that. And that’s what people find so relatable about the platform.

When it comes to creating content, consider using your best asset—your employees. Healthcare professionals from your organization can act as “influencers” to educate users on any number of topics. Whether they answer questions submitted from users, share seasonally topical information (think: flu symptoms to watch for this winter) or even correct misinformation, the process of obtaining useful information from an actual healthcare provider helps to humanize your organization, making your content more likely to resonate.

Other considerations can also help you decide what content to create:

  • Look at hashtags that are trending—find what people are searching for and make sure you can be found there if relevant, as well, and follow hashtagged content related to your brand to stay up to date.
  • Scour the “For You” page. You’re sure to find a plethora of current trends. Make use of them (but be aware of tone—especially in times of crisis).
  • Engage your community with questions. Starting a conversation and keeping it going is a great way to foster engagement and boost your credibility amongst users.

For even more helpful tips and considerations, you can view this clip from our November 2021 New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) webinar.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned TikTok expert or just getting started—the important thing is that you start. Because once you do, you’ll find it’s yet another great platform on which your organization can position itself as the go-to expert for all things healthcare.

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