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Seven Key Strategies for Successful Client Relationships

August 1, 2023

Positive client relations are at the heart of any successful ad agency. But what really fuels this partnership?

Sophia Allard and Emily Otto, members of EVR Advertising ‘s account team, recently participated in Agency Management Institute’s (AMI) Advanced AE Workshop. They met with agency partners from across the country to gain insights and strategies to elevate client management and project executions.

Here are Sophia and Emily’s top seven takeaways for establishing and maintaining strong client relationships.

1. Compose Comprehensive Project Briefs for Clarity

Creating detailed project briefs is essential for maintaining clarity throughout the project’s lifecycle. By referencing client background information, goals and preferences in the brief, we ensure alignment with client objectives from the start. Additionally, well-crafted briefs keep our team members informed and focused on what truly matters, laying the groundwork for successful strategies and tactics.

2. Embrace the Importance of Kickoff Meetings

A well-structured kickoff meeting sets the tone for a successful project. By gathering key stakeholders and team members, we gain perspective and essential information, addressing any potential obstacles and ensuring a strong start to the project.

3. Manage Expectations and Foster Trust

A cornerstone of successful partnerships is managing both client and internal team expectations. Building trust with clients involves strong communication, attention to detail and showcasing our dependability. Regular check-ins with producers and a focus on mutual growth ensure a harmonious workflow throughout the project.

4. Embrace the Role of a Partner, Not Just a Vendor

Understanding the difference between being a partner and a vendor is vital. By thinking alongside our clients and offering solutions that align with their objectives instead of simply taking orders, we become strategic partners invested in their success.

5. Cultivate Curiosity and Industry Knowledge

In-depth knowledge of our clients and their industries enables us to be strategic partners. Understanding revenue streams, cost drivers, critical success factors, friction points and customer journeys empowers us to provide tailored solutions that drive results.

6. Demonstrate Value and Innovate

Our commitment to growing existing client relationships involves demonstrating value consistently. We achieve this by proposing innovative ideas and introducing new technologies that not only increase client value but also reduce costs. An example of this is employing innovative tools and strategies to define and segment target audiences, thus reducing media waste, lowering acquisition costs and improving marketing campaign ROI.

7. Master Time and Energy Management

Effectively managing time and energy is the foundation for success. Establishing clear deadlines and blocking calendars from external meetings on specific days allows us to optimize productivity and focus. Identifying our peak performance hours and organizing our schedules accordingly ensures we perform at our best.

Developing strong, long-lasting relationships is the key to mutual growth and success for your agency and your clients. At EVR Advertising, our commitment to investing in our team’s growth and learning enables us to deliver exceptional results and unparalleled client experiences. By implementing these seven key strategies from the 2023 Advanced AE Workshop, we are confident in our ability to build and maintain successful client relationships that drive mutual success and growth.

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