EVR Advertising’s AMI Digital Conference Recap: The Latest in AI Tools, Customer-Centric Metrics and Lead Generation Success

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EVR Advertising’s Alyssa Walsh, Roberto Landrau and Elyse Ruback in Action: Exploring Digital Marketing Insights at the AMI Conference in Scenic Denver, Colorado!

September 18, 2023

What happens when you gather some of the nation’s top digital marketers in a room for two days? Aside from hundreds of empty Starbucks cups, you get priceless nuggets of wisdom and invaluable insights. EVR Advertising team members recently attended the Denver Agency Management Institute’s Digital Conference, where discussions revolved around agency adaptability and innovation and a steadfast commitment to client-centric work. We’ve distilled the top three insights our team gathered at the conference—knowledge that can benefit anyone.

1. Explore Ethical AI Tools

In today’s AI jungle, where the line between genius and gimmick blurs, how do you know which tools are worth your time? For example, in the realm of SEO, Alli AI, Postaga and SEMRush emerge as top contenders. For website coding, Framer, ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot were hailed as the most effective and user-friendly options. However, it’s not just about the tools, but also the ethics behind their use. It’s crucial to maintain transparency with your clients regarding AI utilization, understand copyright regulations for each tool and establish AI governance and guidelines within your organization.

2. Tailor Metrics to Customer Journey Stages

The effectiveness of your marketing efforts depends significantly on selecting the appropriate key performance indicators, or KPIs. For instance, if you’re gauging the success of a video by conversions alone, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead, focus on metrics like video views, viewing completion percentage and shares to gain a more accurate understanding of your content’s impact. When it comes to phone calls, the smart minds at AMI suggest leveraging AI to analyze call transcripts to identify high-value from low-value interactions based on keywords and phrases. For websites, establish KPIs that align with user intent throughout the site. Utilize UTM codes to gain deeper insights into organic social content’s role in driving quality leads. Be sure that your KPIs are aligned with the customer journey to get the most accurate reporting.

3. Proven Lead Generation Techniques That Deliver Results

  • Conferences: Make your presence known by attending, hosting a booth or delivering presentations.

  • Gated Content: Offer guides, infographics or newsletter sign-ups that require user information for access.

  • QR Codes: They’re back, baby! Use them to provide access to downloads and other resources.

  • Giveaways: Entice users to provide data with the promise of appealing gifts.

  • Proprietary Research: Offer your target audience exclusive information only you can provide. Ask Your Target Market (aytm) is a useful tool for this.

  • Podcasts: Host or appear as a guest on industry-related podcasts.

  • Referrals: These are especially effective when you specialize in a particular niche.

Through the exploration of AI tools, the application of customized metrics and the adoption of established lead generation strategies, you can replicate the success achieved by industry leaders. Nevertheless, it’s important to be transparent about your AI usage, safeguard data, collaborate with stakeholders to set appropriate KPIs for each campaign asset and generate new leads through a diverse array of lead generation tactics.

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