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Catholic Charities Websites


Catholic Charities of New Hampshire needed a comprehensive solution to revamp the websites of its healthcare service facilities.

With six separate locations, each with its own outdated website, the small communications team struggled to keep information updated and consistent. They turned to EVR Advertising for the team’s expertise in website development and digital solutions.


The main challenge was the existence of outdated websites for each of the six locations, which complicated updates and maintenance. The objective was to create a user-friendly, unified platform for all facilities, allowing each to have its own online presence while sharing essential information seamlessly.

Strategic Approach

EVR Advertising knew it needed to develop a user-friendly but sophisticated website that elevated brand perceptions without compromising usability. Considerations also had to be made in regards to the members and stakeholders involved—namely staff and board members—in an effort to improve internal communications and access to information.

Mt. Carmel website


Using WordPress, EVR helped establish a multisite network that enabled each location to have its unique website managed through a single dashboard. A consistent template was implemented to ensure a unified look and feel while allowing customization for showcasing individual facilities, residents and staff. Shared content pages were synchronized, simplifying updates across all sites. The user experience was enhanced with a modern design, reduced content, a simplified navigation system, mobile responsiveness and ADA compliance. The redesigned websites also adopted a warm and inviting tone, featuring photos of residents and highlighting the facilities’ unique attributes. Finally, a member portal with customized logins was created for staff and board members, offering access to internal alerts, a message forum, news and document downloads, including HR documents and the President’s Report.


The revamped websites significantly improved the content management process through a single dashboard and multisite configuration. The updated design and ADA compliance ensured accessibility to a wider audience. The project streamlined operations and enhanced user experiences for both Catholic Charities of New Hampshire and site visitors, ultimately contributing to their digital success.