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Kalwall Daylighting+ Campaign

& Strategy

Kalwall Corporation, an industry leader in diffuse daylighting systems, sought EVR Advertising’s expertise in creating a cohesive campaign, including media and creative development, that would showcase the brand as the premier choice for architects and engineers looking to optimize daylighting in their building projects.

The main objectives of the campaign were to create awareness of Kalwall in popular trade publications as well as to garner lead generation through digital offerings from media publications.

Kalwall creative


Given that digital elements are so trackable, EVR analyzed the success of different digital elements from past campaigns to optimize and add placements, including paid search, display, YouTube and LinkedIn, where it would be beneficial. However, knowing that clicks from digital elements for this type of brand have been minimal in the past, EVR knew it needed to focus on driving awareness through digital while incorporating strategies that would drive leads on which the sales team could follow up. New traditional publications were added and others were cut based on past performance results and opportunities to expand Kalwall’s audience to include more construction and contractor firms as well as facility owners and managers. This included expanding further into educational opportunities, such as hosting market presentations and webinars on sustainable design through daylighting.

A fresh creative concept, Daylighting+, was created to demonstrate that Kalwall not only provides museum-quality daylighting™ in the buildings it adorns, but also benefits such as resilience, sustainability, flexibility and efficiency. A new website was also launched to reflect this messaging and really emphasize Kalwall’s focus on providing daylighting solutions for human needs.


The campaign utilized a broad array of digital tactics in addition to print media. These included email, paid search, digital banner ads on Google Display Network, YouTube and digital placements in publications such as Engineering News Record, Retrofit Magazine and Architectural Record.


Over a 12-month period, Kalwall saw 1.4 million impressions, 6,423 clicks and 266 leads from digital publications. The brand also saw nearly 2 million print impressions over the same period. Kalwall.com saw 1,678 impressions from referral traffic (organic traffic coming from sites on which the brand has free or paid listings), resulting in 87 form submissions and 191 brochure downloads. The paid search campaign spent just under $11,000, earning 30,648 impressions, 2,157 web visits, 90 form submissions and 196 brochure downloads. The email campaign earned 44,563 opens and 7,618 clicks.

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